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8 Week Training on the 8 Steps to Creating a Winning Team Culture


Lina has done a great job putting together some impactful information into an easy to understand and do format.Steve McLaughlin
Steve McLaughlinAthletic Director - Westview
Lina has been a great resource for the teams and sports organizations we work with. Her 8 Steps to Creating a Winning Team Culture is a must for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of their athletes and teams. Always interesting and informative, Lina delivers a winning formula for athletic leaders.Peter Piscitello
Peter PiscitelloPlay Like A Champion
I just got off the webinar and wanted to say THANK YOU! I was scribbling notes throughout and am very excited to go back, re-read and take some time to process everything. It seems like a great program with so many wonderful ideas.Myanna Webster
Myanna WebsterAthletic Director, Notre Dame Academy
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TrainingTeaching the 8 steps to creating a winning team culture.
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“I sought out Lina to brainstorm ideas about obtaining sponsorships and other ways to supplement my income that wouldn’t take time away from my training. She has greatly exceeded my expectations and given me so much helpful insight from her own athletic and life experiences about training for the Olympics and starting a business career at the same time. The greatest thing Lina did for me was to remind me of the values that I care about the most. She is an Olympic athlete, a wife, and mother and is an incredible role model for me. I feel very lucky to have her as a mentor and a friend.”

Amy Cozad Magaña, 2016 Olympic Diver


Securing sponsorship is essential for an athletic department, a non-profit organization, or an elite athlete that allows you to focus on what you do best. Take a look at the following resources to get started:

Securing Sponsorship – Part 1

Developing Your Personal Brand – Part 2

As your sponsorship consultant, I’ll guide you every step of the way to securing sponsorship. For a consultation, email me at

Lina Taylor, 2x Olympian


With over twenty years of experience in professional, collegiate, and junior sports, we offer consulting on creating a winning team culture, leadership training for coaches and sports administrators, as well as mentoring for athletes.