Achieving Success in College

Achieving Success in College

One of the most overlooked but critical aspects of being successful in college is knowing what you want. Sounds too simple? Consider the cost if you find yourself fulfilling someone else’s dream.

A perfect example is a young woman who was exceptionally bright. She finished high schools with honors and was accepted at a private top 25 University. Being asked to declare a major in her sophomore year, she actually picked two majors to cover her bases – Business Administration and International Relations. Sounds presentable and respectable, right?

By her senior year in college, she was already sensing that business may actually not be her calling but with so much work already done, it was too late to change course.
Once she completed both degrees, she was accepted in the MBA program on a full-ride scholarship. Was she successful in college? Beyond successful, everyone would agree. She started the MBA program but by that time her whole being was screaming: Stop! Re-examine! Is this what you really want?

5 years of college had already passed (at a private university that is the equivalent of close to half a million dollars in education!) and now she was about to embark on 3 more intense years and another quarter of a million dollars in tuition and fees.

“No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.” The old proverb holds true today. The young woman stopped her MBA, turned the scholarship down and took the long road to self discovery. Imagine if she had a tool that allowed her to discover what was most important to her when she was 17? And if she could put her genius and superb intelligence to work in the field that she really wanted from the very beginning?

This is exactly the kind of work we do in our trainings – enabling YOU to get in touch with and articulate what matters most to you so that you can gain the cooperation of your parents, teachers, coaches, and peers on the road to incredible success.

The young woman is my sister and today she is completing her Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Becoming an Astronomer was inside her all along – but she had to uncover it and see it in a way that didn’t seem like “just another childhood dream.”

Her story shows that anything is possible once you get on the right track. Being successful in college largely depends on doing what matters most to you. That is when obstacles like procrastination and boredom simply fall away because you are fully engaged in creating your future.

Voicing what is most important to you is also crucial – nobody gets to top alone, so having the support of the people around you will ensure your success.

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