Becoming a champion

The Power of Focus

The very definition of the word “champion” – a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition – implies that a champion does things differently. If you did the same workout as your opponent, your chances of surpassing them are zero to none. Likewise, you must identify other components where you can make yourself stand out, i.e. mental preparation, nutritional regiment, etc.

In this article, I am introducing several factors that will help you become a champion. Use this information to begin laying a foundation of excellence in everything you do. Over time, you will discover more factors that will give you an edge over your competition. Watch for the smallest signs and turn them into advantages to propel you forward.

Control what you can control:
Each time you step on the competition field there are a number of factors that you cannot control. From weather to fans, these factors can play a big role for or against you. Herein lies the truth: it is completely up to you how you frame all of those external factors in order to enlist them as your allies or equally as well, as your foes.
I vividly remember the fan crowds at my rivalry school being really loud and downright obnoxious during warm up for our match. Instead of letting the condescending comments get the best of me, I simply created a list of one more reason why I will play harder and better when the match started in a few minutes. You see, I used the fuel the unfriendly crowd gave me to ignite my determination to win. And nothing was sweeter than their silence in the hours to come as our team inched closer to victory!

Compete for something bigger than yourself:
You’ve seen this before – a gymnast does an amazing vault although her ankle is all but fractured… what sustained her in that moment? When you allow your performance to become a representation of your family, school, town, state, or country, amazing things can result.
How can you step into the bigger picture and compete for something bigger than yourself? Some of the most inspirational sports performance of all time have been made in the name of something bigger.

Where is Your Focus?
During a competition, or even a school test for that matter, your focal point has everything to do with the outcome. What do I mean by that? Just like your eyes are able to focus on just one single point at a time, so can your mind. Gaining control of your focus is the quintessential gateway to success.
To start this process, focus your effort on the very thing that is about to happen next. You know what that is – your coaches have said it a million times, “move your feet”, “keep your eye on the ball”, etc. Now it is up to you to do it.

Nobody said that becoming a Champion is easy. But at the same time, it is the little things that when summed up over time, make the biggest difference. Give yourself a chance by committing to identify the factors that will make you successful.

During our training, we go in depth to identify areas that you can turn into opportunities to help you become a Champion. Remember, a Champion does it differently and no detail is too small for a Champion to seize the opportunity. Welcome to being the best you can be!

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