Expert Panel Line Up

What student athletes and parents need to know about making a successful transition to college

Lina Taylor is interviewing a host of outstanding experts who give real advice (not stats) to college-bound student athletes and parents. Take a look at who’s in the line up and go to to listen to all of the interviews for free!

If you have a student athlete, parents, or coaches you care about, this is a not-to-miss opportunity to hear some of the top experts in the industry.

Misty May-Treanor, Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist

Ky Snyder, Director of Athletics at University of San Diego, NCAA Leadership Council

Aaron Taylor, CBS College Football Analyst, Superbowl Champion

Susan Francia, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

Tyrone Parker, PSAL Sports Coordinator at NYC Department of Education

Robin White, Two-time US Open Champion

John Haime, New Edge Performance, Emotional Intelligence Authority

Becky Sharpe, CEO Collegiate Sports Data, Int’l Scholarship & Tuition Services

Terry Liskevych, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball at Oregon State University

Karen Moyer, Co-Founder of the Moyer Foundation, Emmy Award Winner

Rob Spear, Director of Athletics at the University of Idaho

Shannon McMillan, Shark Soccer Club Director, World Cup Champ, Olympic Gold

Tom Hilbert, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball at Colorado State University

Kristen Buchanan, Founder of GoodOnYa Organic, Olympian

Cindy Miller, Two-time NCAA Champion, LPGA, Legends Tour

Erin Misaki, NCAA Champion, Professional Soccer Player

Anna Allison, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball at Bucknell University

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