A practical guide to transform your team.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

As in the words of the renowned business management guru Peter Drucker, results are dictated first by the quality of your team – how inspired, motivated, and committed they are – to performing the goals and strategies you’ve set out to achieve.

As presented at prestigious campuses across the country, the 8 Steps to Creating a Winning Team Culture delivers a highly effective set of tools for coaches and administrators to transform the culture of their teams. You will learn to:

  • Lead through mentoring and create a winning strategy for your team.
  • Identify the team’s guiding principles and galvanize members around the common goal.
  • Eliminate destructive patterns.
  • Craft a compelling communications strategy to get everyone on the same page.
  • Engage team members with specific roles.
  • Understand how to build a cohesive team that works together.
  • Get specific management tools that foster trust.
  • Learn advanced strategies to track progress.
  • Implement a system to restore the desired course when deviations occur.
Lina Taylor

Two-time Olympian in beach volleyball, Lina serves as a mentor to the United States Olympic Committee’s Athlete Career and Eduction program and consults with organizations looking to increase productivity and improve team culture. She is the Executive Director of The Foundation for Teamwork and the Founder of Mission SOAR. Lina is a guest speaker at corporations, schools, conventions and events.



As an elite athlete, you understand the value of having a coach. The mentoring program offered here provides you with LIFE COACHING in the following areas:

  • How to get a sponsor.
  • Finding alternative ways to fund your training.
  • Transitioning from sport to business.
  • Resume writing, interview skills, talking to media, networking.
  • Balancing sport, work, and family.

You can expect complete confidentiality and a highly personalized approach to get the results you’re looking for.

Click on the links below to see resources published for the USOC’s Athlete Career and Education Program:

Please reach out to me directly to schedule a free consultation: lina@missionsoar.com

"Lina has greatly exceeded my expectations and given me so much helpful insight from her own athletic and life experiences about training for the Olympics and starting a business career at the same time. The greatest thing Lina did for me was to remind me of the values that I care about the most."Amy Cozad Magaña
Amy Cozad Magaña2016 Olympic Diver
"Working with Lina has been amazing and transformative."Catherine Gareau
Catherine GareauOlympic Medalist
"Thanks for helping me gain some clarity and start to get unstuck! Really seeing progress in where I'm going and starting to create that big picture. Thanks for your help!"Ingrid Marcum, US National Champion
Ingrid Marcum, US National ChampionWeightlifting, Bobsled,
"Learning how to manage my time was one of the biggest skills that I needed to perfect as I entered college. Figuring out how to balance, school, practices, games, a social life and rest was essential to becoming a successful student athlete."Candace Chapman
Candace ChapmanOlympic Medalist, Soccer; All-American, University of Notre Dame
"I love how Lina channeled her passion and success into a program designed to help instill successful traits into this generation of student athletes. Those that take advantage of this program and commit themselves to what it offers will be miles ahead of the competition."Jen Hanna
Jen HannaFormer Division I Women's Golf Coach, Retired LPGA Playing Professional